RussianBeautyDate Review 

RussianBeautyDate is an online dating platform that works best for those who want to find a Russian partner to date. It focuses on accommodating serious relationships and has all the necessary features to enable singles to communicate with each other. But is RussianBeautyDate a good dating site?

It cares a lot about its users’ safety, has an adequate quality of profiles displayed and generally works hard to erase the borders when it comes to dating by providing translational services. Want to know more about the features RussianBeautyDate members get? Read on!

Overall Rating 9 / 10

  • Registration: 9 / 10
  • Profile Quality: 9 / 10
  • Value for price: 9 / 10
  • Safety: 9 / 10
  • Customer Satisfaction: 9 / 10

Most Popular Russian Women Profiles

Tatiana 25 y.o.
Galina 27 y.o.
Irina 24 y.o.
Vera 28 y.o.
Anya 26 y.o.
Olga 28 y.o.

Pros and Cons of RussianBeautyDate


  • Easy to navigate
  • A lot of active users
  • The user base is growing rapidly
  • 128-bit SSL protected payment system in use
  • Offers a lot of highly effective means of communication
  • Registration is free


  • No RussianBeautyDate app available
  • A lot of essential features are paid

What is

The first thing this review seeks to do before proceeding any further into the exploration of the world of online dating and all the features that the platform offers to its members is identifying what RussianBeautyDate is exactly.

To put it simply, RussianBeautydate is an online dating service. The main goal of it is to allow singles from all around the world to connect with Russian women. So, if you are looking to meet the love of your love among Russian girlfriends, this site should be just right for you.

However, even for those who are looking for a soulmate from Ukraine or Belarus RussianBeautyDate would be pretty useful. Despite the name of the platform, plenty of RussianBeautyDate reviews talk about the fact that the site is not focusing on singles from Russia exclusively. Instead, it has a large number of profiles of charming women from all over the Eastern European region, including Baltic countries.

Even though the site is fairly new, and has not been around for a while, it has already managed to gain convincing experience in successful matchmaking and amass an impressive user base of active members. The site is still growing, and its popularity is growing day by day, attracting more and more new singles to the platform.

The website positions itself as a platform that is best used for serious dating. While it does not limit the range of relationships that could be established through the service (as long as they are legal, of course, and do not violate any laws), RussianBeautyDate dating site reviews claim that the largest part of the website’s audience is thereafter a committed relationship. In fact, RussianBeautyDate goes as far as claiming that it aims is to allow people to connect with each other on such a level, this connection would eventually result in a marriage.

Even though RussianBeautyDate is a niche site (considering the fact it caters to a specific category of singles), it is less specialized than a lot of similar platforms in its sector. The member constitution is such that on RussianBeautyDate you will be able to find profiles of members of all ages, starting from young and adventurous 18-year-olds, ending with mature singles over 50 who are ready to settle down.

One significant thing this RussianBeautyDate review of the website finds necessary to mention is the fact that the platform is designed for straight dating exclusively. As of now, there is not an option for gay people to find themselves a date. Hence, if you are not heterosexual, this review recommends you consider a different site to sign up for. at a Glance

  • Best for: Singles interested in finding the love of their life among Russian ladies
  • Number of members: lots of active members
  • Recommended age: 18-50
  • Favorite features: Voice calls

How Does RussianBeautyDate Work

A number of RussianBeautyDate reviews talk about how RussianBeautyDate is quite similar to the other websites in the niche in terms of its functionality and the way it works. This review does not particularly agree with that statement as, despite not having any extraordinary features on offer, RussianBeautyDate definitely provides its users with its own twist on the classic online dating site services.

In order to access the site, you need to be a registered member. RussianBeautyDate does not allow people to view the profiles of the site’s members or just even look around the platform unless they join the service. This is done to increase the sense of protection for the already existing members. However, as it will be discussed further in this review, the signup process is adequate and does not take long.

Once you have created an account on RussianBeautyDate and preferably set up a profile, you may get down to the most interesting part — connecting with other members of the website. There are different ways in which you may start interacting with the singles of RussianBeautyDate.

First of all, upon the initial registration on the platform, all new users are required to answer a couple of questions. Those are aimed to be collected and analyzed by the service so that the system could provide you with the most appropriate matches for you. Every day, you will receive several match suggestions based on the matter of your compatibility with the aforementioned users.

However, if you want to take the matter into your own hands, RussianBeautyDate gives you such an opportunity. You may look through the extensive catalog of registered members of the site and browse through different profiles manually. Alternatively, you may use the search tool to narrow down your search to specifics and cut the browsing time (learn more about the search process later in this review on RussianBeautyDate dating site).

After you have found a member that appears to be interesting to you, you may connect with them. One of the things this RussianBeautyDate dating site review deems to point out is that while registration on the site is free of charge, the most essential features such as most of the means of communication are paid. Is RussianBeautyDate worth paying for? If you intend to find a partner on the site and are genuinely interested in building relationships with charming Russian women, it definitely is!

Here some of the ways how you may contact the people you fancy on RussianBeautyDate (this review recommends you to move along these features as you progress in your relationship):

  • Liking a member. This feature is free of charge and is available to all members. It allows you to express your interest in one of the users by showing you ‘like’ their profile.
  • Exchanging text chats. This is the most basic feature that resembles the instant messages you send back and forth with your interlocutor in real-time.
  • Sending emails. If you want to incorporate a cute photo of you, or a video to report back on something that happened in your life or just basically tell more about yourself with the use of visuals, you may send your match an email. You can attach media files to those and spice up your communication a bit.
  • Voice calls. Chatting via texts is nice, and you can get a lot about the person from that. But if you really want to learn more about a person, you should hear what their voice sounds like, and listen to which intonations they use when they speak. You are given such an opportunity with the voice calls feature RussianBeautyDate provides you.
  • CamShare. This option is only available if both participants have a webcam, but theoretically, you can have a video call in real-time with another user of the platform.

In addition to that, RussianBeautyDate understands that there might be a language barrier due to the fact that not all Russian ladies speak fluent English. Therefore, if you happen to fall for a charming lady who speaks little English, you may request translational services to help you out in a situation like that.


One of the things that a lot of RussianBeautyDate dating reviews point out is the RussianBeautyDate free search tool. It has been discussed earlier in this review that if you already have a somewhat clear image of what your ideal partner should be like in your head, you have a chance to go straight into embracing singles who match that description.

Indeed, the search tool is incredibly useful in terms of narrowing down your potential matches to the people who would comply with your preferred criteria. Therefore, if you are looking for someone of a particular height, weight, ethnicity, nationality, or simply someone who shares the same interests as you do, feel free to apply the appropriate filters to refine your search!

Some of the filters that you can apply include:

  • Age range;
  • Location;
  • Appearance filters;
  • Marital status;
  • Bad habits (smoking and/or drinking) etc.


As it has been stated previously in this review, RussianBeautyDate does not have an option of browsing the website without being a registered member of the platform. However, this should not be a problem, especially considering the fact that the signup process is extremely straightforward.

Unfortunately, the website does not allow to sign up using your social media credentials, but it is still very easy to register using your email address. As soon as you reach the landing page of RussianbeautyDate, you will see the registration form that you are required to fill out in order to create an account. The information you are asked to provide includes the following:

  • Your name
  • Your valid email address
  • Your gender and the gender of the person you are seeking (as it has been noted in this review already, the service is only suited for heterosexual dating, so
  • you may only select Man seeking women or woman seeking men option)
  • Your date of birth
  • Create a password

Once you are done with filling out the form, you will be sent a verification link to the email address you stated. After you verify your email address, you may go forward to setting up your profile. While this step is not mandatory, this review strongly advises you to say a couple of words about yourself and upload a profile picture, as this will increase the number of matches you could get.

main page RussianBeautyDate

Profile Quality

The quality of profiles on RussianBeautyDate is good, and despite the profiles not being extremely detailed, you still can learn a lot about the person you are interested in just by viewing their page.

Viewing photos of members is a paid feature, so once again it is recommended that you invest in buying credits to enjoy your online dating experience on RussianBeautyDate.

Some bits of information you can draw from the user’s profile includes their age, their astrological sign, their hobbies, and the basic info by which you search your matches.

Safety & Security

RussianBeautyDate cares a lot about the quality of the services it provides and strives to make the platform safe and legit.

First of all, the site is not accessible to anyone who is not a registered member and email addresses are verified, which already weeds out quite a lot of fakes and fraudsters willing to use the site with malicious intentions.

Furthermore, the site has solid moderation, and a team of trained professionals is keeping a close eye on the activity taking place on the site. They are prompt to track down any of the suspicious actions and tackle the behavior that does not comply with the rules of conduct on the platform. They are trying their best to make RussianBeautyDate a safe dating space.

Besides, the service also employs 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your billing information. So, is RussianBeautyDate any good with your personal data? They are doing their best!

Help & Support

As this review said, RussianBeautyDate is fairly straightforward and intuitive, but if you do face any difficulties using the platform, there is an efficient Support team ready to help you out. They are quick to react to any enquires and solve the problem you may have.


Registration on RussianBeautyDate is free, but if you want to have access to certain features, you will have to pay for them.

  • The discount price 19.99$, the original price is 28.99$. Given credits – 50 (can be purchased 3 times only)
  • Discount price 44.99$, original price 64.99$, Given credits – 125
  • Discount price 69.99$, original price 99.99$, Given credits – 250
  • Discount price 149.99$, original price 214.99$, Given credits – 750


Is RussianBeautyDate Safe?

As this review discussed, RussianBeautyDate puts a lot of effort into keeping fakes and scammers away, so that the site was safe to use and legit in terms of the people you meet on there.

Is a Real Dating Site?

With all its active users that keep coming to look for love, this review can conclude that RussianBeautyDate is a legit dating site and not scam. There is a real chance for you to find your soulmate among Russian beauties here.

How Many Members Does Have?

As of now, RussianBeautyDate can boast having thousands of active members, but its user base keeps growing.

Is RussianBeautyDate worth It?

It might seem like registering on the site and wrapping your head around all the features it offers is a lot of work. But the truth about RussianBeautyDate is that it is easy to navigate and is very effective. So, the short answer is yes, it is worth it!

How to Use

As discussed in this review, in order to use RussianBeautyDate you need to register on the site by creating an account. You may browse the profiles of members for free, but if you want to get the maximum out of your experience, you need to obtain credits to use the platform more efficiently.

Is Free?

Registration on RussianBeautyDate is free of charge, and so are some of the basic features. However, to get access to the more advanced features this review recommends you purchase credits.

Can I Use Anonymously?

RussianBeautyDate provides its members with an opportunity to hide their profile and browse anonymously. This is a premium feature.

How can I Delete My RussianBeautyDate.comProfile?

If you no longer wish to use your RussianBeautyDate profile, you may terminate it in Settings.

Updated on Mar 2020